Mariano Martinez Peck

I have always had a problem regarding Pharo: how to help/collaborate with its developement while still be as much productive as possible? The thing is that to help you usually need to work with the bleeding edge. To help, an easy way is to just use it and report/fix the problems you find while doing so. But I cannot use an image where I am not productive. So…how do I manage this? Since Pharo 1.0 to 1.3 (or so) I tried to always keep updated the Metacello configurations of the development tools I needed and sometimes even try to update myself the code of such tools. Second step was to at least, automate all my image building so that I could spend less time on in.

The tools I always need are: a nice browser with refactoring integration, OCompletion and Shout. So far, I have always been used OmniBrowser (a.k.a…

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